Thursday, January 29, 2009


let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game. - cinderella story.


watching that right now,
welll anyways, today, was a regular school day -_-
got to school late cause i woke up at 7:30! ahahahaha.
i just told my mom to write me a note saying the garage was brokken or something, lmao.
first period, i didnt really do anything, i was just sittting there blank
second period, toook songs from kawika's ipod, and watched the rest of juno, and talkkked on the phone :D so cool mr.cannon lets us do whatever.
at lunch, met up with everyone in D building, then i had to go take my stupid test ;(
i think i passsed though! cause danielle helped me cheat
like she always does :P lmao

third period, was ugggggly
i just sat there, looked at pics, andstuffff.
4th period, i was so pisssssy
i was so fucken tired! i couldnt keep my eyes open!
maybe its cause i went to sleep at like 3 lastnight :P
cause SOMEONE got me scared again,and i couldnt sleep, lol!

afterschool, i was suppposed to go with jas them, to meetup with june them
but you see, what had happen was ..MY MOM WAS BEING A FULLLL TIME BITCH.
she was yelllling at me in the car, and i was yellling back
i dont like yellling at her but shit, she made me pissed

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ahahahhaha :D foeva

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