Thursday, January 22, 2009

third fucken period AGAIN

this class is so quiet,
and i just got a call from chrispy, ouh and now i gota text from adrian, and hearn! hahahha.

yesterday was good :D
OOOPS belll rang, k bye.

mk, i'm hommme now
afterschool, i went to geinki's with danielle noli blake and that other guy, idk his name, lmao. but yyyeh,
ate, mommma paid, thanks momma danielle! :D lol

after, went to ewa seed
then saw brandy pass by!
then she decided to come w/ussss.
i fucken misssed that bitch, had alot of catchin' up to do,
but yeh, chillled and talked stories,
around 5, got a ride home, was texxxtin' and i just ended up sleeping.
wokeup from my nap, and now im bored ;(

gona go shower, then eat or something!
ahahha, okkkkkbye.

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