Monday, January 26, 2009

i ran out of title's

for my stupid blogs.
mmmmmmhm, as you proablly know, im in my third period class again,
its borrrring, just listening to mommmas ipod, and bleh.
justin, jethro, and julio? sp? cammmme down at lunch,
but they had to leave, because people was eyein' them out.
hahahhaha sad for them, come here for nothing.

.. idk what im doing afterschool,
either go with themmm, or with danielle jas n' chanel.
blah blah blah

so borrrring ;( i like die
& im hungry, really hungry >:| my life is so sad at the moment.
i always do this every third period, when im suppposed to be doing my homework
fuck, whatever.
i have so muchhhh shit to do,


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