Sunday, January 11, 2009

it's 2:26 am

and im sittttting down on the bathroom floor
because chelsy is fucken scared of eli .. gosh.

she keeps asking me unesscary questions about karlo,
because shes scared to be quiet.
wtf is wrong with her.

and now she has no conditioner!? like, i dont care.
and now, im bored
and my ass hurts from the floor.

and if i shower soon, i dont have to worry about it chelsy said
this is a really ugly blog
and shes almost done, another 4 mintues of scrubbing her ass, sounds pretty boring to me.
" oh your reallly blogging" she says,
who the fuck would i be talking to then?

.. fuck who does you?!?!!? SHUT UP.
mad to the world already, fuck life
it gives more respect for me.
she dropped my soap, i knew it was the soap
now shes washing anthonys cum off her hair now HAHAHHAHAHA
silky smooth, (stupiddddd sheeela, she make a lieuhhh) ;D

catch ya laters thans, lol bye.
so im gona leave my bra on the whole day,
because chelsy said my boobs come firm.
YAY shes done.

fuck, not nesscesary!

ok get out, go already, bye.

okkkkeh, itsz my turn now ! ;b
sittin on the fuckn bathroom floor gettin splashed by the
stupidass water >;d bizatch.
this shit is so erkkking, thas why i dont have
this 'blogspot' thing >;D


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