Thursday, January 15, 2009

in class ..

and the bell was supposed to ring already! ;(
not supposed to be on here, BYEEEEEEEE

^ that was in my3rdpd class.
i swear i felt like i was on something in that fucken class
my eyes kept closing, and the room was spinnnnnin' or some shit

afterschool, met up with chelsy in waipahu.
found out something very good :D OH IM SO HAPPY ^_^ YAYAYAYA!

well hopefully i dont have to go back ;(

afffftah, went to alas, walked around & stuff.
then went to chelsys grandma's house.
playyyyed with julia, n'mya

after, mark& crstl picked us up
dropped off chelsy, then me crstl&mark went to crystals house,
got there, talked stories with mark until crystal was done showering.
thennn after, got dropped off home.

and now i'm stuck here ;( ah

each day keeps gettin' better, still in shock n everything
thinkkkin' how he could do this to me
BUT i can honestly say, i'm not missin you.

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