Sunday, January 18, 2009

so lazy

i just wanna stay home & rest :D

the past two days was really good, for me! ahha
yesterday, i went to pearls with chels, then went to her hale buu! lmao
then crstl came to meet up with us, got ready
then went back to pearls again, cause we had to pick up her mom
then saw a whole bunch of people that i didnt get to see in a long time,
the two littttle kids, jessica and jewl hugged me yelling "SHEILA I MISSSED YOU! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! ARE YOU AND DENNIS GOIN BACK OUT YET? " omg .. so shame, but i miss those two so much ;(
i used to play stupid little games with them! AW
then i got hugs from everyone ;] that really made my day :D i couldnt stop smiling! omg, i misssss alla' them!

then after, headed back to kalihi went to pick up chris and saw something that i didn't wannnna see.
hm, its not like me to actually come out and yellsomething like that,
but i couldnt help it.
likkkke, how would you feel if you saw you ex bf that you RECENTLY broke up with, holllldin another girl
i mean hearing about everything was enough, but actually seeing it with my own eyes was wayyyy to much for me.
so i couldnt help myself, i was pissssed.

but nah, its okay.
they do look happy, so best of luck to you two :D

AFTER, picked up chris, then mark,
went to crstls grandmas house, ate then left.

and then after went cruising, met up with adrian,
then after .. hahahahahah, i felt fucken gooood! :D

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