Wednesday, January 14, 2009

after all this

shit that happened.
i can HONESTLY say, ive become a more stronger person.
no more crying, im done.

like jasmine said, ive been through SO MUCH already
and i dont need him to tell me he cares,i don't need him in my life & that i deserve someone better.

and honestly YEAH, i do deserve better
i dont neeeed that bullshit in my life
i know for a fact now, that im better off without you
i dont need a guy who doesnt give a fuck about my feelings and whos just a selfishhhh bitch
cause all you ever do is lie, lie, lie.
whenever i think about you ..i get disgusted just thinking bout what you did to me.
it makes me fucken sick to my stomach
i cant even think about happy memories with you anymore, because you just blocked it all out with everything you put me through

fuck alllll you cheating assholes out there
if you gotttta a good thing going
don't fuck it up

cause its just gona come back and bite you right in the ass
KARMA'S A BITCH! remember that
even though this was my karma .. its gona hit you sooner or later to.

i dont feel the pain as much anymore,
he just made me learn, to not trust anyone so fast
or fall for someone so fast anymore

so THANKYOU for helping me realize that i don't need you,
thanks for hurting me this bad, so i knoww to not make the same mistakes again.
thanks for everything, i feel a whole lot better bout myself.

and another thing i learned from alla this is " never leave the one you love, for the one you like, because the one you like will leave you for the one they love "

butttt sooner or later, i'll be happy again :D
i just hope you are.

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