Thursday, November 13, 2008


in the morning, my mom kept assuming that i was swearing at her or something?
.. the fuck, so ugly.

and then in first period, i was so quiet, i barely did anything
i just sat down and listened to everyone talk.
in second period, i got SO PISSSSED OFF -_-
i found out .. that this girl don't want to mention names.
is talking shit about me, idk, so erking.
i hate when people get mad at eachother over boys, so waste my time.
i hate immature little bitches like YOU.

i was so pissed off, that this girl kept staring at me .. and like she always stares at me!
so i yellled at her across the room " WHY DO YOU KEEEP LOOOKING AT ME?! I SWEAR TO GOD! YOU KEEP STARING AT ME? STOP STARING AT ME! SHIT " she didn't say anything.
but i knew she was sayin somethin to her litttle friend on the side, so annoying, whatev.

lunch, me abby danielle jas kevin and ervinne just talked stories.

third pd. did nothin again, got hella scared from the movie mr. showed us
4thpd, nothinnn again. sat, chilled, and just stared off in to space day dreaming.
i love day dreaming :D

afterschool, sister picked me up, went to waipahu, then allll the way to alamoana beach park to go joggging.
and then back home.


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