Saturday, November 1, 2008

halloween, oh eight.

today, started off fucken irratating, cause some bitches need to grow up. Seriously, it's not even your situation, and i know i'm not in this to, but still yet, mind your own fucken buisness. And get the fuck over yourselves. it's there problem, let them deal with it. you guys dont know NOTHING, check your selves.

.. besides that, cruised at kopke, then went ghost hunting at the abandoned hospital. I was fuckennnn scared we climbed up the ladder and through a window to get inside. inside was so fucken creepy,and gross cause had so much dust. and then got caught by cops for trespassing & me and some other people got caught for curfew, they made us stand in a line! in front of this like ugllly humangous blinding light, i couldnt see shit around me! haha i was so scared when the cop said " 15 n' older, step up" i was like ... shit, me and ridge was fucken scared and we kept saying " my fucken parents gon kill me" hahaha. and more worse, there was fucken bud inside the cars, but good thing they didnt check. but they let us go, cause had like 35 of us! i didnt even know had that much lol. thank godddddd! after, went back to kopke, then back to ewa again to pick up someone, and then i went home, cause my my mom was bitchin'. they said i can stay out, and they told me go home -_- so erkkkkking. besides all the bullshit n' drama nothin got in the way. this night was chill, and fun .. and fucked up! lol. a night to remember ;] yeah rig? haha.

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