Saturday, November 22, 2008


i forgot to blog yesterday :P
well yesterday, i didnt feel like goin to 3rd n' 4th pd.
so jesse dropped me off to crystals house, and we went to allans house.
we baked cupcake cones for his birthday.
after, met up with everyone at derin's house.
bbq'ed, and then i chilled at brads house for awhile
went to mcds w/brad safue n' dennnis.
chilled, then i got dropped back off to derin's house.
cruised, then left took alllan home, then krisha, then crystal took me home.

TODAY, didn't have school :D
so slept in till 11.
after, picked up chels n jess at school.
then cruised at pearls for awhile
after, headed to royal summmit to watch ridgeeboy scrap
but fuckennnn shit, everyone didnt wait for us!
and we had to walk up the stupid ugly asssss hilll!
it was so hot, and tiring.
and when we fucken got there .. the fight was done! omg.
then caught ride with adrian to kopke.
cruised, n' then went home with adrian again.

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