Thursday, November 20, 2008

fried oreos

today afterschool, caught the bus with kylen to kalihi
chelsy didn't come out with me today
so i just met up with babe, at hearn's gma's house.

cruised there for awhile, then adrian took us to hearns house.
made fried oreo's with ashley :D
ours was good for the first time right ash? :P
omg, so yummmy.

After, crystal came, then dropped off ashley.
then went to kams, dropped off allan at kalakaua.
then went to blazin steaks to eat

& then went to babes house, n' just talked stories to kill time.
brad called, so we went to his house.
i hate seeing whats his face there, it just makes me think to hard -_-
cruised there for awhile, then went home

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