Tuesday, November 18, 2008

field trip

to the bodies exhibition.
woke up early, got ready, and headed to school.

met up with jas danielle chanel n' kylen.
then met up with our teacher, got in the bus and left school.
when we got there, i didn't even notice how close it was to alas,
got inside, was grossed out by all the bodies.
shit, looks so disgusting.

after, our teachers let us go to alas, n' walk around
me chanel danille jas n' kylen went to the apple store n' took pics.
after, i visited dennis's mom at macys, talked stories with her for awhile
then left, shhhhhit, i miss his family -_-

then went to mcd's got ice cream, and then walked around nordstrom.
then, got back in the school bus, and headed back to schooool.

today, was alllllllright, better than any other regular day at school.
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