Sunday, November 16, 2008

got me thinkin'

I really do want to be with you but, i cant see myself being with someone else
yeah, i have been getting used to you being around.
and i have been getting used to kissing you hugging you, but still yet..
its not the same.
i can't see myself falling in love with you, and i don't want to waste my time
if this relationship between us isnt gona go anywhere far, and lately, i been thinkin and maybe its a good thing for me to stay single for awhile.
and just think everything over, and give myself time.
and you know that i'm not gonna go around talking to other guys, because im not that type of girl
when i want to be with someone, i stick to my promises.
goodness, first loves are the most hardest things to get over.
because it was actually something really serious, and i just cant push that into the back of my mind.
im so confused, i hate when everyone tells me to just go out with you because that one person still has my heart. and i'm not ready to let my guard down just yet.
I know that you'll wait for me, but i feel so bad that im doing this to you.
i told you many times, that you can just leave .. because i really dont know when i'll be ready.
but for some reason, you stick around.
i dont want to get your hopes up SO HIGH, that i just end up hurting you more.
i cant do that to you, because thats gona make me hurt as well.
ugh, i dont understand my own feelings.
i realllllllly do miss him, and ive let you know that so many times.
and you understand how i feel.
i hate that your so sweet and understanding, because it just makes me like you more.
and i cant leave you alone.
but sooner or later, i know that you'll get tired of waiting, and im scared, and i dont want that to happen.

I'm just really confused, i know that i cant have that 'person' back in my life anymore.
so why dont i just move on? it kills me everyday thinking about it.
i really do wana leave the past, in the past.
but it haunts me.

To me, i feel as if i just cant give up on him just like that.
for some strange reason, i still have hope for me and him, even if its been like 5months that we broke up.
i don't know, i'm not saying that i would leave you for him again.
its just that, sometimes .. i really do wish he was back in my life.
I cant get over it, i'm still in love with him, even though he proably doesnt even fucken care for me anymore.
And i actually like you a lot. Love, vs. like .. i dont know what to choose.
I'm just torn in between the two, and i dont know what is right for me.

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