Thursday, November 13, 2008

boring wednesday ..

first period, did nothhhin.
just fell asleep until this boy sitting next to me woke me up -_- asshole

second period, just did my work, but was slackkkin so much.
lunch, went in my math class to finish up work ..
and talked to babe on the phone

third period, did nothing again
me n' char was just talking stories.
4th period .. ew. whatevver.

afterschool, sister picked me and jas up
then went to my house, ate like fat bitches
saimen n' egg :D yummy.
then went to baskin robbin to apply for a job
i hope they call :D i neeed moola

yeh .. usually go out afterschool,
but today felt so lazy
i was supposed to go with crystal them,
but she told me to late, an i couldn't ditch school anymore
oh welllll.

hopefullly tomorrows gona be better :D

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