Saturday, November 29, 2008

nega fridayyyyyyy

was good.
left my house around 9 at nigggght,
got dropped off at anthony's house to meet up with chels
crystal picked us up, then we just went driving around
had to pop squats cause we couldnt find a bathrooom to piss in lol
was fucken hillllarious!

after, got bored again, so we did some squirllllay ass missions ;]

after, we just decided to go to alas alreadddy,
it was like 2 in the mornin'.
& then, we went to walmarrrrt, just walked around and stuff.
then went back to alas, metup with adrian hearn chrisppay and drexo.
walked round alas, when like .. no one was there. ahaha
then at 6, went to exclusive bought a shirt.
then went to fittted, and then to ward.

after, i was so tired, i felt like i was on somethin'
cause i didnt have sleep for over 24 hours! haha
so me crystal rig chel n anthony ate at zippppys :D
then, we went to chelsys house, chilled there, then went to alexis's house.
then went back to chelsys house, slept for like couple hours.
then back to alexis's house.
then later, my sister picked me up n' took me home.

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