Tuesday, November 11, 2008

.. i love when people type things on there blog, that don't even make sense.
it makes it so interesting ;]


i haven't updated in awhile, my weekends been busy lately.
friday went down kalihi with chels. & met up with crystal n' allan them.
went to hearn's house n' watched the game, hearns mom is hillarious.
on saturday, started the day late .. went out at 4.
with chels, jess, vince, n' eric.
met up at pearls, and just drived around looking for a place to cruise.
ended up in waikiki, at a beach, drew a dick world in some fucken generic sand! haha.
and we drew a fucken humangous dick on the beach, it was so ugly.
after, went to mcd's ate assssh cream :D
talked stories, then got kicked out by this soleh man, cause we were to loud .. hahaha!
after, got dropped off at alexis's house
then crystal picked us up, cruised at kopke for awhile.
saw somone who's cute ;] damn, haha :P
then after went chelsys house, and i slept over.
sunday was chill. woke up, n' then the rest of the day just stayed at chels's house.

yup, gooooooood weekend ;]

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