Sunday, November 16, 2008

besides ..

all that shit down there VV

My weekend went pretty good.
On friday, afterschool my sister picked me up.
Picked up chels, then went to pearlridge.
I hate it there, to much little youngins' runnin around
i only like it if im goin shopping or something.

After, we met up with ridge.
Then my sister dropped us off at kopke.
Me and chels left there to go to her grandmas house for awhile.
waited till 6 and then headed back, cruised with babe crystal allan anythony, n' other people.
I was mad at SOMEONE for smoking right in front of my face.
But it didn't ruin my night, it was pretty funny because ridge and babe was stoned as fuck.
and i just kept laughing at them,
after, my sisters boyfriend picked me up, and took me home.

On saturday, stayed home till like 3.
Then my mom took me to jasmines house, and we got ready for jem's party.
Left her house, and got there at 5.
It was fun, got to see people i didnt see in awhile, n' had vent sesssions w/brandy n' other people.
and jas n' june was fucken adorable :D

after, me jo brandy megan n' jess walked down to kmart.
crrruised around, n then joy n' chan picked us up, and hada girrrrrls night out :D
drove to walmart, and stole a whole buncha' shhhhit.
i got so much stickers :D there pretty.

then after, joy dropped me off home.

now .. its sunday .. ugly, and boring
was supposed to go to jas's house, but i'm just really lazy right now :P
so im just gona stay home, n' kick back n' chillllllllll.
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