Monday, November 24, 2008

bad morning

my dad was yellin' at me n jas.
because we had to pick her up before school,
and we were stuck in traffic for a good 30mins.

my dad was so pissy, and anoying.
i wanted to shooooot him >:|

after, me n jas got to school late
n' whatevvvvvvv.
1st pd, was so boring, i just talked stories w/zack
and kept gettin busted for talking to loud.

second pd, i just sat there and day dreamed .. lol
lunch, had to stay in class to correct tests
i got a gooooood grade :D muthafuckas.

third, didn't do shhhhittttttttt.
4th, i just slept most of the time

afterschool, my did picked me up, went subway, & then home
i hate mondays -_- ( i think i say that every monday on my blogs. lol)

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