Thursday, October 23, 2008

tooooo day.
was an allright day at school, 1stpd. didn't do much, i just basicly sat there starrrring off into space 2nd, nothhhin either, we hada' sub so i just aate ^_^ ahah. Lunch, was fucken boring ... omg. just talked stories with abbby chanel danielle and kevin. 3rdpd, made beats. 4thpd, did my work, like a goood girl :D ahahhaha. Afterschoool, caught bus with kylen to kalihi. met up w/alexxxxis. Then we went to ward, walked around, then walked to alas! SHIT SO HOT. i was like dyyyyin from the waves of heat or some shit, haha! walked around alas, loooking for a dress to wear for megans dinner thingy this weekend. YAY! the weekend is comin' up, CANT WAIT ^_^

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