Friday, October 24, 2008

bad day ..

today, was so fucken irratating! ugh! it was not my day! -_-

keh .. so like, in the morning mom was bitchhhhhin'. shit, she always bitches at me?! geez. about spending to much money, and blah blah. When i got out the car i slammmed it so hard i swear. Then, when i got to class. omg .. i had to sit by people i don't even like. cause i got there late -_- Then in 2nd pd i found out thiss girrrl doesn't like me or some shi? so funnnnny. my nickname or shall i say "code name" for her and her little friends is maria .. HUNNNY MY MIDDDLE NAME IS MARIE. omgsh, i was yelling " I FUCKEN LOVE BITCHES, YOU MAKE MY LIFE SO FUCKEN AMAZING AND EXCITING!" i hope she knew i was talking to her. stuppppid girl >:
fucken SBG ALREADY! :P lol. number 4! haha ^_^ thennnnn after that, in 3rd pd. i couldn't make any fucken beats because i had no idea what to do -_- then in 4th i hada' testt, and shit .. not good! then afterschooool, because chelsy couldn't find out where to go? and omggg. haha but i love her :D then after that! mark .. so irratating asking me what size my bra is and shit. and jp n jmica and everyone else blowing bubbles everywhere! and shoooting water at me -_- omggggg. but nah, alla' that proablly irratated me just because i was having a bad day! ahah :P

i love you, 4EVVVVA! n' evvva ^_^ <3

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