Thursday, October 16, 2008

TODAY, was borrrrrrring. Woke up, got ready for school. mom n' dad was bitchhhhin' cause i lost my wallet ;( so fucken annoying! got to school LATE. walked with chanel to classs. took this ugly test called PSAT's. Me and danielle just guessed on mostly everything. i bubbled my answers to make an arrow ^_^ haha. i wonder if we were supposed to do good .. whatevas'.
the test took like 1932759823579 hours! omg. nah like 4hours. After it was lunch, and lunch was like more than an hour. So me n abby just walked around, and talked stories with ervinne and vinny them. After it was fourth pd. BORING, talked stories with chanel danielle jas n' edison. Then afterschool, was supposed to go out with chelsy, but change of plans. And i just went with my mom to do my nails. they cleaned my feet :D feels so fresh and shhhhit. Then came home, n' blahhhh.

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