Monday, October 27, 2008

hey! i didn't blog for the past couple of days! -_- welllll, i was busy this weekend. This friday i went to haunted plantation with chelsy, jasmine, summer, alexis, kevin, jmica, ruben, justin, june, jaron, n' othhhher people. shit was so fucken scarrry! i fell down cause the stupid ugly girl was in my face, and i got scared and fell while brining kev down w/me. hahahaha, everyone was goin crazy screaming and holding on to whoever they were next to! lol. ruben looked like a dumbass :P n' on saturday, i went shopping with my sister, at alas and pearls. Then after, i went to chelsys house, to get ready for megans dinner. After, we went to wards, and met up w/everyone, at buca de beppo! they have good food! :D mostly the pizzzzzza was good. Then we all watched saw 5, ew .. so grossss that movie .. i hate it. I wanted to fall asleep. and then after krystals boyfriend dropped me and chels off to alexis's house, and we got picked up there, and i slept ovvvver. and then today, we went to puppy swap meet. i saw a pupppy i wanted! i named it yoda :D haha, idk why. n' i want a rabbbit ^_^ alexis promised me :P and then after we went to alas, and then i got droppped off home. and yeah, it was a gooood weekend ;]

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