Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i never blog for like two dayyyyys. aheh, my bad. I've been busy.
well yesterday was chan's birthday, me chan jess jo megan jem brandy timmy & kev ate at bubbba gumps! shit, was so gooood. i love there mashpatatoes & shrimp! YUM ^_^ then we walked around for ahwile, n i met up with jmica & ruben. Caught bus w/them to kalihi, n' then went to brad's house. Chilled with him and jay, made brad make me saimin with egg :D haha, then drank a little, then went home. and uh today. first day back to school from fall intersessssion. I reallly was not in the mood for school today. it was fucken boring as helll, i felll asleep in my 1st and 2nd pd. So at lunch i just decided to ditch, and i went home and slept (=
kkkkkkkkkay so ugly this blog. k bye! haha :P

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